Reflections Art Contest 

2022 GHS Winners

Thank you to all the students who participated in the PTA Reflections art contest this year! The following students’ artwork will be moving on to the Jefferson County competition:

Visual Arts:  Allie Neal, Brigitta Niedringhaus Schultz, Anna Sweeney

Photography:  Ashley Cummings, Maike Drennan, Lydia Vann

Their artwork is currently on display in the library through next Friday (Dec 9), so please go take a look! Good luck to our contestants at the Jeffco competition!

Reflections Art Contest 

The PTA’s art contest is here at GHS, and the theme this year is “Show Your Voice!” 


2022 Reflections Student Entry Form – GHS

All students can enter this contest. There are 6 categories you can choose from:

  • Visual Arts – this includes everything from paintings to 3D objects such as jewelry & ceramics
  • Photography
  • Literature
  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production 
  • Music Composition

All you have to do is create a work of art in one of these categories that relates to this year’s theme, and write an Artist Statement (see below). Entry forms are available from your Art, ELA, Music & Theater teachers.

Once you create your work, you will need to:

  • Write an Artist Statement – 10 to 100 words – explaining how your work relates to this year’s theme. This is very important to the judges at the high school level!
  • For art work – take a digital picture of your work (3D entries need to take 3 pictures). If you don’t have access to a digital camera, or would like help taking the digital pictures, we can help you take them at GHS.
  • For literature – submit a PDF file.
  • Here is a link to all the rules & guidelines for each category (please make sure to follow these rules!): Rules/Guidelines for All Reflections Categories
  • Here is a link on how to prepare your entry: How to Prepare your Reflections Entry
  • Send all digital files to Michele Cummings at by Nov. 7

Our Reflections coordinator this year is Michele Cummings. Please send her an email ( if you have any questions about this fun contest. 

General Reflections Information: