PTA Officers & Chairs

Position Name Email
Officers: (Part of Board)
President Shannon Cross
Vice President Cassandra Hunt
Treasurer Joan Phillips
Secretary Tonie Mattox
Standing Committee Chairs: (Part of Board per April 14 2020 Bylaws)
Nominating Vacant
Finance OPEN
Membership OPEN
After Prom Kristi Brunel
Grants Brent Hunt
Other Committee Chairs: (Not Part of Board per April 14 2020 Bylaws)
Teacher Liaison Rachel Kastelein
Demon Dash Sara Page
Fundraising Chair OPEN
•Chili Cook Off Chris Bird/OPEN
•Silent Auction Gina Viola Brown and OPEN
•Holiday Bazaar Tammy Cooper/Shannon Cross and
.Demon Dash Sara Page/Kim Campbell-Sisco/Kristen Hathaway/Tami McMullen and Christie Searls to guide
Hospitality Cynthia Grover/Jackie Greiner and
Marketing Tracy Fletcher
Reflections Suzanne Ninke/Kathy Fisher/Michelle Trader and 
Scholarships OPEN (Amy O'Connell may have found replacement)
Sunshine Patty Telgener
Website Gail Mason
Golden Rotary Liaison Wendy Rene
PTA School Mailbox