Submit your grant request for this school year

PTA Grant Program


The purpose of the Golden High School PTA Grant Program is to assist educational programs and extracurricular activities when other sources of funding are inadequate. The following are the Grant Program’s priorities: a) classroom support, b) curricular student activities, and c) extracurricular student activities.

Teachers, staff members, and student group representatives at Golden High School may apply for a PTA Grant. We do not have a limit on the amount of the request.

  1. Grant applications must be submitted to the PTA using the attached form. Completed applications may be left in the PTA mailbox or given to any PTA officer anytime up to March 31 of each year. Requests will be reviewed at PTA meetings as they come in with the last review by the April  PTA meeting. Approved grant recipients will be notified by email.
  2. Any teachers, support staff, and administrators may apply for a grant. Students may also apply for a grant with written approval from a group advisor or sponsor. Grant applicants must be a PTA member. The applicant or designee is invited to attend a PTA meeting to provide a brief presentation on the grant proposal that facilitates understanding of the request and gives the PTA the opportunity to ask questions and the applicant to respond.
  3. The grant recipient can receive funds by submitting documentation of the cost to the PTA Grant Committee or by requesting direct payment to vendors. Funds must be used for educational resources that benefit Golden High School Students and must be completely spent by the last day of the school year.
  4. For public accountability, the PTA will publicize the grants that have been awarded.
  5. In the event that all the grant money is not awarded during this fiscal year, it will be carried over for next year’s grant fund.
  6. Any permanent items purchased with PTA grant money become the property of the department or the student group that made the grant request.

Grant Request FORM: