Longmont Dairy – MOOOLA Milk Caps Program

Our MOOLA Milk caps collection bins are now by the front Office’s.

Longmont Dairy Farm delivers fresh milk directly to homes along the Front Range. Theyare a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing great milk, from our cows to our customers’ doorsteps. The dairy is one of the two remaining farms, in Colorado, that sells milk directly to customers.

What is Milk Caps for Mooola?

Caps-033MILK CAPS for MOOOLA is a program sponsored by Longmont Dairy that helps students earn money for their school. Longmont Dairy milk caps are worth 5¢ each and are redeemable for cash by participating schools only. Participating is easy as 1-2-3!

How does the program work?

  1. Drink Longmont Dairy Milk (All caps from Longmont Dairy products in our glass bottles are eligible)
  2. Save the bottle caps. Save as many as you can—from your bottles, or collect them from your family and neighbors.
  3. Bring your milk caps to school and put them into the collection box in by the front office.